#1Book1Day Give And Grow

Our first ever Doodle Your Future #1Book1day creative programme.

15 Little Doodlers (the orphaned and vulnerable children of Oasis Haven) were all part of creating a “Proudly South African” good news story from beginning to end.

The premise behind the Give and Grow #1Book1Day Creative Programme is to write, doodle, digitally design and prepare for print, one proudly South African good news story in one day. With our incredible team of professional doodle volunteers, we wrote and doodled the story of Oasis Haven, the home of our Little Doodlers, to share the magic and wonderful things they do in the lives of these children.

Our #1Book1Day creative programme was sponsored by our amazing Doodle Heroes, Randcivils! Thank you for being part of helping us write, doodle and share these stories, aiding in changing the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa –  you truly are our heroes!

“Doodle Your Future’s” unique socio-economic development initiative is about empowering orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. Often lacking in a solid, nurturing foundation that fosters healthy self-esteem and ambition, these children need to make a difficult leap from their discouraging beginnings to realising a productive future for themselves.

Through initiatives like our #1Book1day creative Programme, “Doodle Your Future” stands in this gap – fostering the cognitive, emotional and creative strengths that children need to purposefully unlock their potential.

The exciting day began with Tammany, the founder of “Doodle Your Future” sharing a lesson about giving and growing and how each and everyone of us, big and small, have the gifts to give that can change people’s lives daily. The children learnt that they didn’t need to spend money or give material presents to make others happy and to help. They had to only look within themselves for their unique gifts and purpose to make a difference in the lives of others.

Three teams were created where each group of children would learn different skills that are part of creating a good news storybook as well as the skills to share the story of “Doodle Your Future” and our sponsors on social media.

Group 1: Our talented, professional illustrator and designer, Claire Mackay, took the children through each step of bringing a book to life- from story to flat plan, illustrating and finally design! It was such an exciting day and the team worked hard to complete one book in one day!

Group 2: Happy Hands: The Little, Little Doodlers drew their own hands and doodled in them their unique gifts, while sharing with us how at their young age, they already make a difference in the lives of others. We loved hearing about all the love and laughs they all so freely give. This team was led by Zandi Tsomo.

Group 3: Our Social Media team, directed by PR guru Renaldo Abdul, taught his team how to create social media campaigns and copy and even interacting and interviewing members of the Doodle team. Keep an eye out for our new social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram!

In-between all the fun and doodling, and there was plenty of it, we filled our tummies and took a break, curtesy of Nando’sNando’s Malibongwe delivered our delicious lunches and we all ate plenty to give us the energy we needed to get back to doodling. Another big thank you to Sorbet and Rocomamas for some more amazing prizes!

There were crayons, kokies, pens, rubbers, doodle pads, flat plans, books, music, prizes, gifts, doodle bags, passion, purpose, love, learning, skills development, art education and so much more! Above all, our Little Doodlers went home after developing more skills and having their world opened to the possibilities of a positive future!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in helping us make the dreams of these children come true.

If you would like to become a Doodle hero like Randcivils, then please contact us so we can share with you how you, too, can help us change the lives of our future leaders, the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa!

Did you know that Doodle Your Future can write, doodle and share your company good news story? Contact us to find out how.

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