Financial Aid

Financial Aid during a world pandemic.

With the world in the state that it is in with Covid-19. We have not been able to continue our creative programmes that we had planned for the year ahead. However, as lockdown bans start to lift we hope to start implementing  processes to keep moving forward. We are always looking towards the private sector to support us where possible. One positive story to come out of this hard time, is that we have been able to assist our beneficiaries financials. The children’s home, Oasis Haven has been under immense pressure in looking after our Little Doodlers. But, due to our incredible sponsors, donors and volunteers over the years we have been able to aid our children financially. Doodle Your Future implemented a process where 10% of every fianancial donation would be kept in a doodle trust account. Every six months with our board of trustees and our beneficiaries we discuss where we can help financially. We have not needed to tap into this savings since the beginning until Beverley Beukes, the MD of Oasis Haven asked for financial support during the pandemic. We were able to donate R10 000 to assist in their day-to-day living expenses and needs.

Although we are running into hard times, this donation has created absolute joy in our hearts and hope to continue to supporting our organisations even during times of turmoil. We would not have been able to do this without the assistance of our amazing donors and volunteers. A huge Thank you to our sponsors; Randcivils, Linda Brand, James David Montague Bisdee, Momentum/Metropolitan, Kruger stoltz Inc and to our special volunteers Renaldo Abdul, Nkateko Emily Mabasa, Claire Ashley Mackay, Lize van Wyk, Cayleigh Ann Zambonini, Candice Gush, Nathan Ro, Gabriella Afeltra and Hugene Koekemoer. Because of your support, love and constant devotion to Doodle Your future, we have been able to help financially towards the living and educational costs of Oasis Haven and our little Doodlers.

Tammany Barton

Founder and MD of Doodle your Future

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